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Active ingredient: cetirizine hydrochloride.

Product Description

Zyrtec is a trade name of the active component Cetirizine. It is an inhibitor of histamine receptors which directly influence on the reaction of the body in response to the external irritants. By inhibiting the histamine receptors this medicine prevents the development and relieves the course of the allergic reactions, provides antipruritic and antiexudative action.

The mechanism of the action of Zyrtec consists in the inhibition of the release of the inflammation mediators, and it allows to control the development of the allergic reactions both on the early stage and later stage of the allergic reaction. In the process of the development of the pharmacological action of the drug there is a reduction of the permeability of capillary vessels. Due to this the process of the tissue edema is reduced, spasms of the smooth muscles are neutralized, and other reactions which appear in response to the irritants are reduced.

Zyrtec may be used as an additional therapy during the bronchial asthma to reduce the relapses of asthma during the increased activity of histamine receptors.

This drug belongs to the number of the antiallergic remedies which may be prescribed both adults and children. The conducted clinical studies have proved the pharmacological safety of cetirizine in pediatrics.

The therapeutic effect after the use of Zyrtec develops within 20-45 minutes depending on the dosage regimen and individual peculiarities of the patient. A single dose effectively helps to relieve the symptoms of the allergic reactions and acts within 24 hours.

Buy Zyrtec Online

Buy Zyrtec online

Directions for the use

Way of use and dosage


Possible side effects

In the first day of the drug there may be slight increase of the symptoms of the allergic reaction, Light edema, but these symptoms pass during the further treatment and the drug starts maximally acting.