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Active ingredient: fluticasone propionate.

Product Description

Flonase is a trade name of Fluticasone.

Fluticasone has a very broad spectrum of action and it is used to treat various diseases. Flonase is one of the forms of Fluticasone, which helps the patients in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. It is a powerful glucocorticoid, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect and Flonase neutralizes an allergic reaction, as in the early stages of diseases’ development, and in severe chronic diseases that require the systemic treatment.

Thanks to its medical formula, Flonase provides rapid anti-inflammatory effect on the nasal mucosa, but its anti-allergic effect after the first application appears just in 2-4 hours. Reducing the severity of symptoms (especially nasal congestion) continues for 24 hours after a single injection of the spray. This drug reduces sneezing, itchy nose, runny nose, nasal congestion, discomfort around the nose and eyes, a feeling of pressure in the eye, tearing, redness and itching of the eyes.

Flonase is used in the treatment of chronic allergic rhinitis and it does not cause the development of addiction and the effectiveness of the active ingredients is not decreased with time. However, patients must be under control during the treatment, as the spontaneous and uncontrolled treatment does not lead to an improvement in disease symptoms, and can lead to the development of complications. Therefore, before the person taking the drug, it is necessary to make sure that it is for your clinical case, and has no medicinal ingredients which can cause allergic reaction.

Buy Flonase Online

Buy Flonase Online

Directions for the use

Flonase can be used in combination with oral medications for severe allergic reactions, as an additional protection. It works great to ease some facilitate nasal allergy symptoms and Flonase eases breathing as well as reduces the unpleasant symptoms.

Way of use and dosage


Possible side effects

Any serious adverse reactions that require medical intervention appear in patients very rare. Despite the fact that Flonase is a glucocorticoid, it enters your body system in very low doses, to cause any harm.