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Active ingredient: ipratropium bromide. 20mcg

Product Description

Atrovent is a world known drug for the treatment of the bronchial asthma and other forms of the obstruction of the respiratory system. Its active component ipratropium bromide is a strong anticholinergic drug which directly acts to cholinoreceptor of bronchi restoring their normal work and reducing the frequency and intensity of bronchospasms.
Atrovent is a broncholytic remedy which acts by means of the relaxation of the smooth muscles of bronchi and reduction of their reflex function in response to irritants including allergic origin. In case of the systemic use of this drug the discharge of mucus is reduced from the bronchial glands and mucous membrane of the nose.

During the scientific studies of Atrovent the reduction of the bronchi reaction to smoke, cool air, and other predisposing factors has been proved. A convenient medical form allows reducing the number of the potential side effects in comparison with the use of the tablets. Therefore, Atrovent inhaler may be bought by patients who have chronic ulcer diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Among all its pluses Atrovent also has its drawbacks. The pharmacological action of the drug develops for a long period of time and gains its peak within 1-2 hours depending on the individual peculiarities of the patient. Due to this the use of the drug for arresting sharp attacks is impossible and the patient should have the inhaler as well as another drug for immediate cases. The therapeutic activity of ipratropium bromide is not so long as in other bronchodilating remedies and gains 6-8 hours. Due to this the patient has to use the inhaler more often within a day.

Buy Atrovent Online

Buy Atrovent online

One of the best broncholytic drugs is Atrovent. This drug is used both for the treatment of the bronchial asthma and COPD. Its action develops for a long time, within 5-15 minutes, after the use. And therefore it is not recommended to use it for the urgent arrest of the asthma. The pharmacological action of Atrovent helps to widen the respiratory passages, prevent the narrowing of the bronchi appearing as a result of the inhalation of the cigarette smoke, cool air, and also under the influence of the different irritating elements.

The active components of Atrovent not only provide the relaxing action as to the smooth muscles of bronchi but also reduce the activity of the glands which produce the mucus in bronchi and nasal cavity. The maximal therapeutic effect develops within one hour.

The length of the action of 1 inhalation dose is about 6-8 hours. The practice shows that these are the average rates in most medical products, such period of time is observed. Atrovent is indicated for the prolonged use as a stimulator of the respiratory system. It helps to relieve breathing, reduce the symptoms of the bronchial asthma and even does not loose its efficiency during the prolonged use.

Before the beginning of the treatment it is necessary to carefully study the instruction for the use of the drug and also consult a doctor. It is very important to follow all recommendations for the use which are indicated in the instruction because the incorrect dosage regimen or non-observance of time period may cause the weakening of the therapeutic effect, or cause severe side effects of the cardiovascular system.

Discomfort of Atrovent use consists in the necessity to control the time of the drug use. It is very important to make inhalation every 6-8 hours and follow this regimen within the entire course of the treatment. The average dose for the adults is about 0,4-0,6 mg of the active components which equals 2-3 inhalations. Children older than 5 years old should reduce the daily dose up to 1-2 inhalations.

Directions for the use

Way of use and dosage


Possible side effects

In case of the increased sensitivity to the active components the patient may develop headache, allergic reaction and\or tachycardia. If these side reactions appear, the patient has to see a doctor right away.