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Active ingredient: micronized budesonide and micronized formoterol fumarate dihydrate.

Product Description

Symbicort is a medication for bronchial asthma. Medical practitioners consider that it is one of the best means of bronchodilators because of the unique composition of the drug. Symbicort has two active ingredients: formoterol and budesonide. These drugs are different, but because of their special properties, it is possible to use a combination of more effective treatments for asthma.

Formoterol neutralize β2-adrenergic receptors and has a fast therapeutic effect and is perfect for relief of bronchial asthma attacks. Symbicort relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi in 2-3 minutes after taking. One dose ensures protection against bronchospasm during 12 hours.

Budesonide (glucocorticoid) has anti-inflammatory effect, which is active within 2-3 hours after inhalation. It is Suitable for long-term suppression of symptoms of asthma, reducing the severity of symptoms and the frequency of exacerbations; the medication neutralizes mucosal edema and reduces the production of mucus.

Despite the fact that the budesonide is glucocorticoid, it is safe and almost does not cause adverse reactions. This is due to the inhalation dosage form of Symbicort.

Symbicort therapeutic effect is dose-dependent. The higher the dosage, the more active ingredients will be active. However, do not exceed the allowable dosage, as this will lead to an overdose and possible response of an organism, including allergic reactions and acute bronchospasm.

If the patient faces the problem that conventional glucocorticoids or other means against chronic lung diseases are ineffective, it is strongly recommend buying Symbicort inhaler for complex influence on the cause of the disease and improving symptoms.

Buy Symbicort Online

Buy Symbicort online

Symbicort is more active than other medical products because it contains two active components at once. Two active elements - Formoterol and Budesonide - provide the longer protection and also help during severe forms of the bronchial asthma where other drugs cannot cope with.

Both active components have different mechanism of the action. Formoterol is a bronchodilator which relaxes the muscle fibers of the respiratory system and does not allow them to contract closing the respiratory tracts. Budesonide shows the anti-inflammatory action and it helps to reduce the frequency of the asthma attacks.

Symbicort starts acting rather quickly. The relieved breathing occurs in 2-3 minutes after the inhalation and the maximal effect is gained in about 40-60 minutes. As this drug contains two active components at once it provides a very prolonged action. After the usage of the inhaler the therapeutic effect is kept within 12 hours. It is very convenient for people who have the active lifestyle and cannot follow time in order to take the drug every 5-6 hours.

Directions for the use

Way of use and dosage


Possible side effects

When using this drug in compliance with acceptable dose and precautions, the chance of side effects is reduced. If you wish to buy Symbicort inhaler, but does not know how to take it and what precautions you need to follow consult your doctor or pharmacist.