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Active ingredient: fexofenadine.

Product Description

Allegra is an effective medical drug for allergy caused by chemical histamine which is formed in our body naturally and reacts to the external irritants causing the allergic reaction.

Allegra includes the active component fexofenadine. It blocks the production and increased activity of histamine receptors as a result of which there is a reduction of the response reaction to the external irritants and the main symptoms of allergy are reduced. This drug helps to reduce cold, lacrimation, sneezing, itching, edema and other allergic symptoms.

By the mechanism of action Allegra slightly differs from other antihistamine drugs except the speed of the onset of the therapeutic effect. After the oral use the active components are quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and the antihistamine effect appears in 1 hours gaining maximum in 6 hours. The fast pharmacological action helps to maximally neutralize the allergic symptoms on the initial stage of their appearance avoiding the relapses such as edema, inflammatory processes and others.

Allegra acts for about 25 hours guarantying the prolonged protection against unpleasant symptoms of allergy.
One of important properties of this drug is the absence of the sedative action. During the conduction of the objective studies it has been proved that fexofenadine does not provide a significant influence on the functions of the central nervous system, so that it does not restrict the activity of the patient who takes this drug.

Buy Allegra Online

Buy Allegra online

Directions for the use

Way of use and dosage

It is clinically proved that taking the drug orally the efficiency of fexofenadine is dose-dependent. Before the beginning of the treatment it is very important to consult a doctor and find out the most optimal dosage regimen for each clinical case on the basis of the results of the examination. Depending on the individual peculiarities of the body the change of the dose may lead to the increase or weakening of the pharmacological action of Allegra.

The length of the treatment is indicated individually depending on the clinical condition of the patient and efficiency of the medical therapy.


Possible side effects

It is clinically proved that Allegra rarely causes the side reactions due to its high pharmacological safety. In case of the appearance of the severer side effects it is necessary to see a doctor right away.