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Active ingredient: mometasone furoate.

Product Description

Nasonex is an innovative remedy for the treatment of the allergic diseases containing the active component mometasone. It provides a local anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action. Despite the fact that this remedy is regarded glucocorticosteroid and contains hormones of adrenal cortex these hormones act locally without reaching the blood. Due to this the drug may be used during the contraindications for the use of the peroral glucocorticosteroids.

The mechanism of the action of Nasonex slightly differs from the action of other glucocorticosteroids. The pharmacological action of the drug is connected with the inhibition of the product synthesis which are produced as a result of metabolism from arachidonic acid. The inhibition of the release of these products slows down the development of the allergic reaction and inflammatory processes. Moreover Nasonex blocks the production of the inflammation mediators, reduces the number of enzymes which are in the blood of the human and react to the external allergens and also prevents the development of the allergic reaction.

Nasonex is meant for the intranasal use due to which it allows the patient feeling the efficiency of the therapeutic action after the first use of the drug. In couple of hours after the use the patient experience the relief of the breathing, reduction of lacrimation, and also the following symptoms such as itching, sneezing, irritation of the mucous membrane, discharge of the mucous from the nasal cavity are reduced.

Buy Nasonex online

Buy Nasonex online

Directions for the use

Nasonex may be used during the complex antiallergic therapy for the fast inhibition of the symptoms of the sharp allergic reaction. However, before using several remedies for the treatment of the allergy it is needed to consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Way of use and dosage


Possible side effects

The most possible side effects are: nasal bleedings, burning in the nose, irritation of the nose membrane, sneezing, and light headache.

These side reactions are not potentially dangerous for the patient and are temporal reaction of the body to the active medical components in the area of the allergic inflammation. These side effects pass within 2-3 days.