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Buy Sterapred (Prednisone) online

Active ingredient: prednisone.

Product Description

Sterapred is glucocorticosteroid remedy having broad-spectrum pharmacological activity including the anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic function.

It is not a drug of certain direction and may not be used for the treatment of both infectious skin diseases and diseases of the allergic origin.

The mechanism of the action partially consists in the inhibition of the immune response. It regulates the inflammatory process in the connective tissue, inhibits the activity of mediators of inflammation, inhibits the release of mediators of the immediate allergic reaction, and also reduces the influence of these mediators on the effector cells. Moreover, Sterapred inhibits the sunthesis of leukotrien and production of antibodies, and it guarantees the reduction of the immune response to allergens.

The pharmacological action of Sterapred is directed at the inhibition of the immediate allergic reaction during the appearance of the irritants and also reduction of edema and itching during the chronic forms of the allergic diseases.

The additional pharmacological properties of Sterapred may include the ability to influence on metabolism and functionality of the different systems and organs. It also applies to the respiratory system. This drug helps to arrest the attacks of the bronchial asthma, increases the lumen of bronchi and relieves breathing for patients with chronic form of the bronchial asthma.

Buy Sterapred Online

Buy Sterapred (Prednisone) online

Directions for the use

Sterapred may be used for the treatment of other skin diseases of non allergic ethiology: psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis and others.

Way of use and dosage


Possible side effects