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Active ingredient: fluticasone propionate.

Product Description

Flovent contains the active component fluticasone propionate and is released in the form of the convenient inhaler. During the inhaler use in the recommended doses it provides an expressed anti-inflammatory effect, and it leads to the reduction of the intensity of the symptoms and reduction of the frequency of the disease attacks accompanied by the obstruction of the respiratory tracts. It improves the reaction of the patient to bronchodilators allowing to significantly reduce the frequency of their use and adjust the dosage.

Flovent provides anti-inflammatory, antiallerigc and antipruritic action. It is effective for the treatment of the chronic form of the bronchial asthma but it is ineffective to arrest the attacks of asthma. Usually, the therapeutic effect occurs in 5 days after the beginning of the treatment. As the prevention of the bronchial asthma this drug works better than other glucocrticosteroids because its use is not accompanied by the side reactions which are typical for systemic glucocorticosteroids.

During the prolonged use of Flovent in the maximal doses the maximal secretion of hormones of adrenal cortex remains normal in adults and children. If the patient is switched to the treatment with Flovent drug after the use of peroral glucocorticosteroids, the daily secretion of hormones of adrenal cortex is gradually restored up to the normal one.

The inhaler fluticasone propionate has less contraindication in comparison with systemic drugs, and therefore more patients with chronic obstruction of the respiratory tracts may buy Flovent inhaler.

Buy Flovent Online

Buy Flovent online (fluticasone)

Flovent significantly differs from most drugs for the treatment of the diseases of the respiratory system as well as bronchial asthma. This drug does not provide the bronchodilating action and it differs from the standard medications by its structure. It provides the anti-inflammatory antiallergic action. The mechanism of its action during the bronchial asthma is conditioned by the reduction of the edemas and inflammatory processes in the respiratory system, and also reduction of the allergic reaction to the irritants. It is known that one of the most popular causes of the bronchial asthma attacks is an allergic reaction in response to the external irritants. Binding with glucocorticoid receptors Flovent reduces the intensity of the allergy and prevents the sudden reaction of the body.

Such unusual mechanism of the action of Flovent drug describes its therapeutic effect. This remedy does not do for the treatment of the asthma attacks and rapid arrest of the relapses of the asthma. The therapeutic effect of Flovent drug develops within a long period of time and lasts longer than the action of the usual bronchodilators.

Flovent may be also used for the prophylaxis of the bronchial asthma during the absence of the disease symptoms in order to reduce the number of mucus and edemas in the pipes of the respiratory passages.

The therapeutic effect usually develops within the first week of the treatment. It is necessary to use Flovent inhalatively without missing any dose. As the effect develops gradually it is very important to use the medicine constantly because the effect will be weak and the treatment will be pointless in case of the inobservance of the treatment scheme.

Directions for the use

In case of the everyday use of Flovent inhaler the process of breathing is relieved in the patient, lungs get more oxygen and the blood is enriched. However, this drug is not able to restore the attack of asthma which has been already started.

Way of use and dosage


Possible side effects

It is rarely when the patients have a possibility of the development of the systemic reactions including the oppression of the functions of adrenal, reduction of the mineral density of the bone tissue, and also increase of the intraocular pressure. In case of the appearance of these side effects it is necessary to see a physician at once. The change of the function of adrenals may occur because of the exceeding of the daily dose, and therefore you need to reduce the multiplicity of the daily inhalations.