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Active ingredient: Budesonide.

Product Description

Rhinocort is glucocorticosteroid for the local use which has a very strong anto-inflammatory, antiallergic, broncholytic pharmacological action. The main active component is Budesonide.

Budesonide is used in many antiallergic drugs, however Rhinocort is meant to relieve the allergy symptoms connected to the inflammatory processes of the nasal cavity.

The therapeutic effect develops quickly due to the convenient medical form - nasal spray. In the nasal cavity the nasal spray starts its action almost at once: stops the production of arachidonic acid, reduces the formation of exudation, reduces the intensity of the processes of infiltration and granulation, and holds up the release of the inflammation mediators.

Due to the fast inhibition of many processes increasing the body reaction to the allergen Rhinocort inhibits the immediate allergic reaction and prevents the formation of the chronic form of the allergic rhinitis.

The high pharmacological safety of Rhinocort is clinically proved during the prolonged use. The observance of the treatment scheme will warn against the unwanted side effects and development of the resistance to the drug components. The therapeutic effect develops within 2-3 days and it becomes stronger every day and better stops the allergic process occurring in the body.

Buy Rhinocort Online

Buy Rhinocort online

Directions for the use

The nasal spray Rhinocort is ineffective in the treatment of such forms of the allergic reactions as dermatitis, bronchial asthma, etc.

Way of use and dosage

The length of the treatment is indicated in each clinical case individually. However. Doctors do not recommend taking Rhinocort longer than 3 months.


Possible side effects

Using the nasal spray patients may have the following side reaction during the first days of the treatment: feeling of burning in the nose, irritation of the mucous of the nose, often sneezing, and bleeding from the nose.

In case of the improper dosage regimen and increase of the allowed length of the treatment the patient may develop candidosis of the respiratory tracts.